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[jose hardbody raps] 2.21.16
Popular Maryland rapper Josway has evolved into Jose Hardbody, and he's dropped this piece of rare candy for the world to enjoy. Already an active motivator and workout coach on social media, Jose Hardbody is unifying his efforts between the hip hop world and the gym. Check out his single, "Never Settle", produsced by Jose "Hardbody" Camacho, engineered and mixed by Doc's Basement.

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[so thin you'll forget they're even there] 7.16.15
Finally, the patch cable we've all been waiting for. The newly redesigned Doc's Basement Studio ProPatch brings guitarists, bassists, and all other users of effects the ultimate in tone and flexibility.

Build to fit on the most crowded pedalboards, the ProPatch takes advantage of the thinnest pancake plugs available--possibly even the thinnest plugs imaginable. Top quality Canare cable keeps your precious tone intact, but it's flexible enough to be contorted around a maze of stompboxes.

Like all Doc's Basement Custom Cables, the ProPatch is handmade to order at Doc's Basement HQ in Kearny, NJ. You can buy a set of three, seven, twelve, or twenty ProPatches right away from the Doc's Basement Reverb Shop. Prices shown are for 6-inch lengths, but custom cuts are available by writing to will@docsbasement.com.

[the new standard] 7.2.15
Today Doc's Basement Custom Cables is proud to introduce a new member to the Custom Cable family. The Doc's Basement Standard Instrument Cable makes owning a handmade custom cable affordable to almost everyone. Now you can pinch your pennies without taking chances with your tone.

Assembled at Doc's Basement HQ in Kearny, NJ, the Standard is soldered to the same exacting specifications as all of Doc's Basement's quality custom cables. Made with one right angle end, one straight end, and tough black instrument cable.

The 10-foot Standard cable is immediately available from Doc's Basement's Reverb Shop for only $10 plus shipping. Save on multiple cables by purchasing the two or three-pack!
[chroma 10-year anniversary tour] 4.19.15
This year Cartel celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their breakout album Chroma with a US tour, and Doc's Basement was in New York City to record it. Check out this unofficial mix of "Runaway" live at the Gramercy Theatre, with video from Yahoo's live stream of the concert.

[melon farmers official album release date] 9.26.14
After nearly a year in the making, the highly anticipated album Urine Luck by your favorite Harford County regae-punks has been sent off to the presses. The Melon Farmers have announced an official internet release on Halloween, but Baltimore locals will have an early opportunity to snag a disc at the CD release party October 20th at the Ottobar. The CD release party will be hosted by 98 Rock's Noise in the Basement, so be sure to catch the MFers' interview with Matt Davis the night of the 19th. Prepare for the release of Urine!
[free melon farmers bonus track] 2.16.14
Tonight the Melon Farmers are returning to 98 Rock's Noise in the Basement to release a hot new track from their upcoming full-length album. The new song, "Hair Metal" is now available as a free Bonus Track with every download of Doc's Fall 2013 Sampler. All you have to do to own the new song is download the Sampler from our Bandcamp.

Most importantly, Doc's Fall 2013 Sampler is now FREE! That means you can have the new single from the Melon Farmers as well as tracks by Danny Garrett and Molly Garrett for absolutely zero dollars cash!

If you've already paid the steep price of a dollar for this beautiful music, do not worry. You did the right thing by helping up-and-coming artists afford their ramen noodles. Bandcamp allows you to name your own price for many releases, so please, by all means, pay whatever you feel Doc's Fall 2013 Sampler is worth to you.

Be sure to listen in to 98 Rock after 9:00 PM tonight to hear our Melon Farmers friends get interviewed by Matt Davis. Then, tomorrow night, head out to the Ottobar for Noise in the Basement Live featuring Canker Blossom, the Melon Farmers, Braceface, Clockbreaker, and the Sonic Creeps! Natty Bohs are only 98 cents until 9:00. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.
[sons and daughters] 11.8.13
Songwriter Danny Garrett achieves ultimate indie status with the release of this homemade video featuring footage from the Garrett Family Archives. Try not to cry.

The video was compiled and edited by Danny Garrett himself, and we hope to see more touching family moments as Mr. Garrett releases his full-length album Raisin the Roof later this year. You can download "Sons and Daughters" as well as songs by Danny's sister Molly Garrett and bandmates The Melon Farmers on Doc's 2013 Fall Sampler .
[these are the downloads you are looking for] 11.3.13

CLICK HERE to download Doc's Fall 2013 Sampler featuring the Melon Farmers. You heard them tonight on 98 Rock's Noise in the Basement, now download their new tune "DNITS"--as well as two others by Danny and Molly Garrett--for only a buck!
[doc's 2013 fall sampler announced] 10.31.13
This Sunday, November 3rd, marks the release of an exciting compilation including new music by the Melon Farmers, Danny Garrett, and Molly Garrett. The three-song sampler will be available for just one dollar at Doc's Basement's Bandcamp site.

Along with the release of the sampler, the Melon Farmers will be interviewed on 98 Rock's Noise in the Basement (no relation to Doc) Sunday night at 9:00 PM. If you're not in Baltimore, you can stream the show from 98online.com. Monday night, the Melon Farmers will be spreading their ska-reggae-punk vibes at Noise in the Basement Live at Baltimore's Ottobar.
[sam o'hare goes country] 8.29.13
Today Sam O'Hare of Hundred Yard Smash fame released his first solo country single, "The Devil and a Nun". The song was written and recorded by Sam himself in Boston, MA, and mixed by Doc's Basement. Featured on the track are lap steel master Kevin Barry, fiddler Ders N. Bonke, drummer Ronnie Drescher, keyboardist Dirty Dan Garrett, and bassist Billy J. Melone. Give it a listen below or on Sam O'Hare's official Facebook Page.

[katharsis] 8.29.13
Doc's Basement is putting the finishing touches on an EP that will accompany Katharsis, a feature-length film by BlueDuck Studios, directed by Matt Szychowski. The movie involves the Eastern European indie band Church Robber's Candlestick, featured on the EP. Katharsis is expected to premier in November of 2013.
[doc's basement moves north] 8.17.13
In the interest of growing and serving a larger musical market, Doc's Basement HQ is now located in Kearny, NJ. As a business rooted in mobile production, Doc's Basement is still able to service the Baltimore suburbs, with added access to New York City and other points north.
[triple threat] 8.15.13
For the past couple of months, Doc's Basement has been hard at work tracking three upcoming full-lengths for a tangled web of interconnected Maryland artists. Singer Ian Gilley describes the Melon Farmers' upcoming sophomore release as "a concept album where the only concept is ridiculousness". Electric Molly's Molly Garrett is finally recording its debut, a concept album that chronicles one person's path to insanity. Multi-instrumentalist Danny Garrett of the Melon Farmers, Electric Molly, Hundred Yard Smash, and Sweet Action can actually be heard singing (and making other bodily noises) on his first solo record, Raisin the Roof, which features members of all the aforementioned bands. It is not really a concept album at all.

All three albums are currently being mixed, and the artists are planning a joint CD release party for later this fall.
[paper daughter] 6.14.13
On June 14th, female folk duo Paper Daughter released their debut selftitled album. The long-awaited eight-track CD features seven Paper Daughter fan favorites, as well as an unexpected Shakira cover to shake up the indie acoustic scene.

Each CD is meticulously hand stamped and decorated by band members Allison and Abigail. Only a limited number of physical copies have been released, but CDs will become available once again in September of 2013. Meanwhile the album is available in numerous digital formats from PD's Bandcamp website.

Doc's Basement recorded Paper Daughter in partnership with our friends at Springwood Productions. Producer Will Melones took a very organic approach to capturing the artists' natural performances. Many of the tracks were recorded in one take with multiple room mics to achieve an intimate live representation with a wide stereo spread, placing the listener right in the center of the musical experience.
[sailor's mouth] 6.12.13
You could describe Sailor's Mouth as the Counting Crows of punk rock. Ben Suttle's voice is wedged somewhere between the agony of Bright Eyes and the angst of At the Drive-In, accompanied by jangly, overdriven guitars and Dave Nuñez's crunchy, syncopated drums. Their new EP, Town, features the recent addition of Monica Ashton on vocals.

Ben asked Doc's Basement for a lo-fi punk sound. Many of the guitar tracks were recorded through an Ampeg bass amp, and vocals were recorded with ribbon mics and heavily driven tube preamps to add a warm, crunchy compression. The acoustic song "Punch" was recorded live in one take, as Ben rattled off semi-improvised lyrics about regret, self-loathing, and punching a friend.

Town is now available for download from Sailor's Mouth's Bandcamp site in a pay-what-you-want format. It's worth every dollar.