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Mixed by Will Melones.

Mixes you’ll feel in your bones.

A mixing engineer with an ear for production, I will bring my love of arrangement and songcraft to your art.

Mixed by Will Melones.

Confidence in your release.

Help the chorus punch. Make the lyrics hurt. Elevate the emotion. Highlight the bizarre bits.

Whether this is your first single or you’ve already racked up a streaming discography, I’m here to guide you through the mixing process—smooth and effortless. You bring the bangers, and I’ll ensure that you have everything you need to go straight to New Music Friday. You’ll rest easy knowing your bases are covered and your audio is first-rate.

I hear you.

I want to know what makes you tick. To get inside the song and understand it the way you do. The initial mix pass is only the beginning. I’m gonna go all in and show you how I believe your song is best presented. But it’s when we put our heads together that the real magic happens.

And not only am I listening to you, I’m hearing your music in stunning detail. My studio’s acoustics and PMC monitors are dialed in so I’m confident that what I’m hearing is the truth. You’ll have no doubt that your work will translate in all listening environments, from the studio to the car, earbuds, and even phone speakers.

It’s not up to me to second-guess your vision. My role is to execute it—no excuses. Whether it’s a single or an album, I’ll see your project through until everyone involved is proud of what you’ve created.

We’re in this together.

No, I’m not talking about talking a cut of your streaming revenue. But I do want our work together to to reach the largest possible audience. I’m willing to share any advice or experience I may have if it’s going to help your release be a success. And when your song comes out, you bet I’m gonna share publicly.

Origin Story.

I got my start playing in punk bands in the suburbs near Baltimore. By the end of high school, I led an outlandish ska band that would teach me to arrange for atypical ensembles, a discipline I would study deeply as a Contemporary Writing & Production major at a respected Boston music college. By this time I had begun recording my own music and producing albums for bands in my hometown scene.

After graduating, I relocated to the greater New York City area, where I wrote a song that was sync licensed for the hit TV show Empire and later placed again on Bel-Air. Around this time I received a call from longtime friend and esteemed FOH engineer TJ Russell, who brought me on to record Cartel at their Chroma 10th Anniversary Tour NYC performance. That experience let to an opportunity to capture Marty Friedman during his first US tour since leaving Megadeth.

I’d taken a job as the engineer and studio tech for composer Marcelo Zarvos, recording numerous film and TV scores including Ray Donovan and The Affair. Immersed in a network of NYC composers, I was introduced to Andrew Hollander (Waitress, Carly Rae Jepsen) and went on to engineer many of his film scores, including Words on Bathroom Walls, a collaboration with The Chainsmokers. Andrew was producing the album Bronx Cheer with Steve Conte (New York Dolls, Cowboy Bebop), for whom I would also end up consulting and engineering.

Today my focus is on mixing inspiring songs for independent artists around the world. Releases by artists including BINX and Danny Garrett have rocketed straight to Spotify editorial playlists. I mixed the music for the award-winning documentary Clemente, scored by EMMY-winning composers Marcus Thorne Bagalà and Mark Baechle, with additional music by Samuel Thorne Bagalà. And Encounter Party, a project I’ve been involved with since its beginning, is now a Dungeons & Dragons official television show.

I currently reside in Kearny, NJ with my partner and our cat, rabbit, and two corgis.

Let’s talk about your project.

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