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Mixed by Will Melones

Let’s make your listeners feel something.

A mix engineer with a producer’s sensibility, I will bring my love of arrangement and songcraft to your art.

Help the chorus punch. Make the lyrics hurt. Elevate the emotion. Highlight the interesting bits. Get your fans up out of their seats.

To put it in one long sentence, I’ve recorded live performances for Cartel and Marty Friedman (Megadeth), mixed post-production sound for Paper Mill Playhouse and Tony nominee Paul Gordon (Dionne Warwick, Alanis Morissette), engineered numerous film and TV scores for composer Marcelo Zarvos (Ray DonovanThe Affair), and contributed to the recording and mixing of the Words on Bathroom Walls soundtrack with Andrew Hollander (Carly Rae Jepsen, Lea Michele) and the Chainsmokers.

We’re in this together.

I’m not talking about talking a cut of your streaming revenue. But I do want our work together to to reach the largest possible audience. I’m willing to share any advice or experience I may have if it’s going to help your release be a success. And when your song comes out, you bet I’m gonna share publicly.

Collaborative revision process.

No arbitrary track count limits.

All required deliverables.

Mastered final product ready for release.

Competitive all-inclusive rates.

Let’s talk about your project.

    Ready to kick off a mix, looking for a quote, or just have a question? Drop your contact info below to get in touch!

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