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I’ve been using SoundFlow for a couple years now, so I’m excited to jump on the Stream Deck bandwagon. Physical buttons feel way more responsive than touchscreen soft keys.

Every month SoundFlow has paid for itself in saved time and brainpower. I’m one who’s often guilty of opening up a menu and getting lost in it, forgetting what I even clicked there for. Now I don’t route outputs, select colors, modify groups, or scroll around looking for the print track. And I also don’t have as many opportunities to make mistakes doing those things. Not that I’m incapable or lazy, but there are surely better things that I can do with my limited attention. And even if I can’t quantify the time I’ve saved, there’s far more value in the reduction of frustration and the tedium of repeating tasks that would be better automated.

Not only that, but SoundFlow unleashes simple functionality that should be built in to Pro Tools. The fact that Avid is bundling a simplified version with their current subscriptions should come as an indication. The potential is already in PT. SoundFlow is just adding the features that Avid’s dev team doesn’t have the resources to customize to every user.

No one is paying me. It’s not for everyone. You do have to be a bit of a nerd to get it up and running. I just thought I’d share because it gets me excited.